Top 10 Movie Theme Songs

I was driving down the corn-lined roads of Iowa last week when the local radio station DJ played the theme from the first (although it was actually episode 4) Star Wars movie. While flashing back 30 years, I began thinking about my Top 10 Movie Theme Songs. Not necessarily the entire movie soundtrack (such as The Big Chill), but the theme song identified with the movie.

Here are mine:

10. Chariots of Fire

9. Batman 1989

8. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

7. Shaft

6. Beverly Hills Cop 1984

5. Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark 1981

4. The Magnificent Seven

3. Star Wars 1977

2. Star Trek: The Motion Picture 1979

and the Number One Movie Theme Song…

1. Superman 1978

What are yours?

Bonus Favorite – This week’s favorite spam e-mail subject line. G-mail does a great job (about 99.9%) of filtering my spam e-mail, making it easy to skim the sender/subject lines in one place. This week’s favorite subject line?

Angelina Jolie’s Lips Explode

Hey, it COULD happen!

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