Not My Day

I got a on a writing jag last night and since I had today off I ended up not going to bed until 6am this morning. “Not a problem”, I thought, “I can sleep in today.”

Except that SOMEBODY called me at 9:30! It’s a good thing it was SOMEBODY I love and that I enjoy the sound of their voice.

After lying in bed trying to go back to sleep, but only succeeding in reaching that place where you’re not quite awake but not fully asleep, I decided to get up, shower and go treat myself to a late breakfast at the only Perkins Restaurant in a 40 mile radius. Apparently every other living soul in that 40 mile radius was thinking the exact same thing. Since I was not in a mood to endure the herd, I trashed that plan.

I stopped to buy a few groceries, then returned to the hotel to do my laundry. But when I arrived at the laundry room there was a big handwritten sign on the dryer proclaiming it to be “OUT OF ORDER.” So I had to drive to a laundromat a few miles away, which meant I couldn’t make use of the washing and drying time to work in my room as I usually do, but at least I was able to read about half of a book I brought with me.

After returning to my hotel room and hanging or folding all my laundry, I sat down to read the Sunday paper and afterward, since my eyes were burning from fatigue, I thought I would lie down and nap for a few minutes. But almost as soon as I closed my eyes SOMEBODY called me and it’s a good thing it was SOMEBODY I love and that I enjoy the sound of their voice.

Then too, I read an e-mail from my brother telling me about his visit to see our mom yesterday before he has to move back to NYC. Between her deteriorating health and emotional condition and the issues we are having with the Assisted Living Facility she is in, my mood has not lightened.

I also know I’m a little edgy because Tropical Storm Fay is approaching Florida and here I am in Iowa when I feel like I should be home to protect and provide assurance and assistance to Cindy. Though it doesn’t look like it will be a strong storm or hit our area directly, we’re being prudent and taking precautions (because we went through Charley four years ago and Fay is following a similar path) since you never know with these things. That means Cindy’s having to get all the loose items out of the yard and bring so many things inside the house from the screen porch to protect them from wind and rain damage. She’s already stocked up on water, fueled the vehicles and gotten herself some cash to have on hand. Before I left a couple of weeks ago (in anticipation of not being home when a storm hit) I brought down all the hurricane supplies and stacked them in the living room, but I still feel bad not being there because she has a lot to do that I couldn’t do before I left. Fortunately her parents, son, daughter and my daughter and son-in-law are all nearby and can fill in for me in my absence if needed.

The coming week is full and hectic and so far it looks like there at least two nights I will be at meetings, but I’ve written some things ahead of time to post in case I run out of time.

So, here’s hoping the coming days are better than today. I’m sure they will be.

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