What Is That Smell?

I made it to the fair yesterday afternoon and spent about 2 hours walking around and ended up taking approximately 300 photos. I’ll be working on getting them uploaded to Flickr after work each day this week.

The experience reiterated to me why I am not a “go to the state fair” kind of person, but at least now I won’t be saying at some point in the future that I wish I had taken the opportunity to go to one of the most famous state fairs in the country.

What I WILL probably be saying in the future is that I can STILL smell the cow, pig, sheep and horse manure.

I moved into my new hotel this afternoon and it is a vast improvement over my previous one. Plus it was nice to know I’ll be here long enough that I don’t have to live out of a suitcase anymore. I was fortunate enough again to get a corner room on the top floor, which eliminates a lot of potential for noise and disturbance from less than polite guests. Though my week is extremely full, I hope to work in enough time to make use of the hotel’s fitness center and indoor pool. If I can, my doctor will be happy.

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