The Scream Heard Around Iowa

So I was about to go to bed last night when I heard some voices from out in the hallway. I looked through my room door’s peephole and saw some people coming up the stairs, but the view was blurred by something on the lens.

The people walked on down the hall and I went to the bathroom and picked up a washcloth. I returned to the door and rubbed the peephole
lens on the inside, but when I looked through the lens it was still blurry.

Making sure that no one was coming up the stairs, I opened the door slightly and reached out to rub the peephole lens on the outside. I moved back to look through it from the inside and it was still blurred, so I reached out again to rub the lens and as I was rubbing it I happened to glance up and see a video camera mounted on the ceiling at my end of the hall with a wide-angle lens, giving security (or front desk clerk) a clear view down the hallway…including yours truly who was nude.

Yeah, all of Iowa probably heard the scream of horror that erupted from the hotel office.

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