Way back a long time ago (it seems), I was invited to join Facebook by my friend Dawn. Facebook is a social networking website and, since I’m not a huge networker, my list of friends is no doubt small compared to those of others. Still, I do enjoy the connection with those who are my friends and Facebook helps me keep up with their lives when I may not get to see them personally as often as I might prefer.

I confess I’m not a very good responder to a lot of the different requests my friends may send through Facebook, because most of them involve using various programs that I would rather not allow to access my information.

Here are my 17 Facebook friends:

Cindy – My wife. She still hasn’t uploaded a photo of herself.

Dawn – My friend. We met when we were both charter members of Orlando MetroBlog several years back.

Jeremy – My step-son, who is a programming genius.

Piedad – My sister-in-law. My brother has no idea how lucky he is.

Michelle – My friend. We met online through our blogs and then in person a few years back at an address by world renown travel expert Arthur Frommer.

– My friend. We met because she is Michelle’s best friend and subsequently became one of my good friends.

– My friend. We met through her friendship with my brother when they lived in NYC and have maintained it through her move to the great Northwest.

Hanni – My friend. We met through her friendship with Jeremy.

Zaida – My friend. We met through our common interest in Bookcrossing several years ago.

Heather – My friend. We met through her friendship with my daughter. Curiously, neither my daughter or I have met her in person. Our friendship has been completely conducted online.

Michael – We met when I conducted an interview via e-mail for the Athena Comics Site that I write for. We have never met in person either.

– We met online through our blogs, but also have yet to meet in person. That may be remedied in the near future when Pelf visits in conjunction with her turtle studies and scholarship that have brought her from Malaysia to the U.S. for a few months.

– Co-worker and friend.

– Co-worker and friend.

Millie – Co-worker and friend.

Fritz Marie
– Co-worker and friend.

– Former co-worker, still friend.

If you’re a family member or friend of mine who is on Facebook and we haven’t connected there yet, consider sending a friend request my way.

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  1. AnnMarie says:

    I have denied facebook repeatedly. I find it hard enough to handle myspace. Heather is on there? Thats too funny, we talk all the time now that she plays WoW WOOOOT. I sucked in another one.

    You’re next!!

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