Staying In Touch With Twitter

I’ve been using Twitter for a while now and have found that I really enjoy how it lets me post a quick update of small events during my day (so much so that Cindy told me I went over my wireless plan’s 200 text message limit by 104 last month). I also appreciate how it lets me keep up with the lives of some of my friends and acquaintances through their posts. A few of them are set up to go right through to my Blackberry and the rest I can peruse on the site (or through FriendFeed, more on that in another post) at my leisure.

Since time is not always a luxury for me, even with the brevity of Twitter posts, I am selective about who I follow. Here’s a list of who I currently have on my follow list:

Cindy – my wife. She only joined to follow me and never posts anything herself.

Denise – My friend. She joined and then ran into some kind of technical difficulties that she has not resolved yet.

Michelle – My friend. We also use Twitter on the Athena Site to keep readers up to date on site postings.

Zaida – My friend. She hasn’t used Twitter in quite a while. Get busy girl!

Vanessa – My friend. She is by far the most frequent poster of my friends, and I love reading her Twits.

Jill – My former editor when I wrote for Suite101 and a personal friend of Michelle’s. She’s catching up quickly to Vanessa in post frequency.

Danny – A fellow writer in Winter Park. We haven’t met personally yet, but I’m sure we will at some point.

Orlando Sentinel – My local paper. When I’m traveling, their Twits help me stay up on breaking news in Orlando.

If you’re a family member or friend who hasn’t signed up with Twitter yet, I hope you will and will let me know when you do so I can add you to my follow list.

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