The Value Of Venting

One of my co-workers startled me today by saying, “Jeff, I just wanted to tell you that I admire how you manage the people in your department. You always seem upbeat, fair and patient with everyone. I just thought you should know that it’s noticed and appreciated.”

I thanked him for telling me, but you know, we’re all human. I do my best to exhibit those traits he mentioned, but there are times when I’m thinking “I’d like to strangle so and so!” lol.

However, the truth is I try, repeat try, to treat people the way I would like to be treated. If I’m doing something right, it’s nice to be told that, but by the same token if I’m doing something wrong (and I do that a lot) I want to be told that too (but in a nice way, of course) so I can do better.

Plus, Cindy and I have a nice arrangement. I can call her and vent about things or people at work and she can do the same to me. It’s safe, since no one at work has to hear it, and we even occasionally have good advice to offer each other that sometimes helps the situation. If I didn’t have her as a safety valve, I’d probably let things build up and then blurt out some really unpleasant thoughts. I’m really thankful for her being available when I need to do a little venting.

Originally I was going to post about something that is “sort of related”, but as writing does sometimes, this entry took on a life of it’s own. Maybe tomorrow I’ll get back to my earlier thoughts.

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