Hello, It’s Me

Things are still hectic here in Iowa, but I have a few free moments (i.e. not working or sleeping) to write up some thoughts. I’ll try to spread these out over a few days.

I won’t touch on the flooding. If you watch the national news you’ve seen the destruction, but like most things, the reality is much harsher than TV, newspaper or the Internet can convey. Smelling the dampness; the mold; the sewage, fertilizer and fuel mixed in the water; hearing the rushing onslaught of water or the creaking of soaked wood and drywall in flooded, water-soaked homes and working with folks whose lives have been irrevocably changed by a force of nature is much different than the sterile viewing that media permits.

Suffice it to say that this has been, and will continue to be, a huge incident and recovery will not be a short-term undertaking. In addition, taking part in America’s “breadbasket”, this is affecting not only residents here, but will also affect all of us down the road with higher food prices, at the very least.

Obviously, I’ve had no time for writing, but I knew that would be the case at times when I accepted this position, so I deal with it. I do try to jot down thoughts, and occasionally something that might see the light of day (eventually), but for the most part it is work, sleep and eat when able. We all try to stay as healthy as possible and take care of ourselves as much as we can, but a lot of times those issues take a back seat to the more immediate needs of others. You don’t usually hear about that, but it’s typical.

Which is where I should mention that I am grateful for family and friends who e-mail me inquiring as to how I am doing health-wise and encouraging me to take care of myself. Your concern is appreciated. Before I left Orlando, my doctor asked me to e-mail her with certain information and readings and I’ve been remiss in doing that while here, so I hope I can get that done tonight or tomorrow.

I’ve also had no time for taking photos, other than a couple I snapped the other morning while eating breakfast in my car, and those were just some possible shots for stock photo submission.

Needless to say, my creative side is being severely suppressed, lol.

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