Saturday In Iowa

Today I spent most of the day traveling to northern Iowa and back to attend a press conference with both U.S. Senators from Iowa in a small town that had been flooded last week. Driving up there I saw flooded farm fields and watched the water lap at the edges of the Interstate in some areas. It was disheartening to see fields of corn and soybeans covered in water or fields with ugly gashes that had been gouged out by flood waters cutting across them. Reports are that those crops will not grow to harvest.

Not far from where the press conference was held a tornado was spotted while we were there, but the last I heard it never touched down. I’m glad because a Storm Hunter I’m not, lol.

Driving back to Des Moines I went through a town that was devastated by a tornado on May 25, 2008, killing 8 people. The level of destruction was unbelievable, yet so was the determination of the townspeople who have made so much progress in recovering and even beginning to rebuild what was lost.

Tonight is my last night in the (Not) Quality Inn. Tomorrow I move to a different locale and not a moment too soon as when I returned to the hotel tonight I saw that the ever-encroaching water had moved to the edge of the parking lot. We’re expecting more thunderstorms tonight and tomorrow, so I hope when I leave in the morning that I can drive out and not have to paddle out.

One last word. If you’re able, take the advice of my friend ZenGrrl and make a donation to the American Red Cross. It will help someone and make you feel good. Today, I watched a woman whose home was destroyed by flood waters cry when she found out she could get some immediate help because people like you make donations to the Red Cross. It made me think about ZenGrrl’s post and how much those donations help those in need.

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