Mikey’s Birthday Celebration

Saturday Cindy and yours truly joined Ann, Jason, Mikey, Heather, Amber, Jeremy and Wendy at Downtown Disney to celebrate Mikey’s upcoming birthday. We took Mikey to his favorite store, The Lego Store, and he picked out two new Bionicle toys that grandma and granddad bought him, then we had an early dinner at the McDonald’s next door and afterward walked down to one of the Disney toy stores where he picked out another toy with money from other family members.

Walking to the toy store Heather saw the large scale choo choo train and cajoled mommy into taking her on the ride, while the rest of us sat in the nearby shade (well, except for me…I was taking pictures and shooting video of course) and we all had fun looking at all the toys (Jason, remember “Darth Tater”? lol) that sometime make you wish you were a kid again. Mikey picked out a Nerf Ball shooter and had the law laid down by mommy that he would lose it if he ever pointed it at his sister or anyone else.

By this time he was pretty much ready to call it a day, so he’ll use the rest of his birthday money later at some other store. Here’s one pic from the outing showing Mikey and his daddy having a good time.

I haven’t had time to get the photos uploaded to Flickr yet (or work on the video footage I shot) because I’ve had to get ready to fly out to Des Moines, Iowa on Monday morning. I’ll be in Iowa for a month and that’s where my next post will be coming from.

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