Fun With The Grandkids

On Wednesday, May 14th Cindy and I picked up Mikey and Heather and took them to lunch and then over to Universal Studios’ Islands of Adventure. Our original plan was to spend the afternoon in the park, but just as we stepped through the entrance we got a call regarding a family emergency. We took a few minutes to run over to where Spider-Man normally appears in the hopes of giving Mikey a quick visit with the Webslinger, since he had been looking forward to this outing for several days. We were fortunate that we arrived during one the scheduled appearances, so we were able to get several photos of both Mikey and Heather with Spider-Man before leaving.

Mikey and Heather spent the night with us (lots of wrestling on the bed and granddad being a “monster” kept them laughing and screaming, but wore granddad out long before they got tired) and we got up Thursday and went to Walt Disney World for a day of fun.

We started out in Animal Kingdom, going on the safari ride and encountering 2 baby giraffes that wanted to “play” by running around and between the jeeps while out on the savannah. That was a real kick for everyone. Afterward, we tried to see the gorillas, but they were all hiding. We stopped for a few minutes to enjoy some popcorn and cool liquid refreshment, only to be harassed by an experienced duck who did his/her best to beg every piece of popcorn we had. I took Heather to see the interactive “It’s Tough to be a Bug” show (I took Mikey a couple of years back but the sensory overload nature of the show was not something he enjoyed) while Cindy took Mikey around a couple of exhibits. Heather laughed and cried, so it was a toss-up as to whether she liked all of the show.

Then we drove over to the “new” Disney Hollywood Studios (formerly Disney-MGM Studios) so Mikey could see the Power Rangers. We got there early and a street performance of “High School Musical” had Heather dancing around. As her mom is fond of saying, she’s such a girl, lol. Mikey, on the other hand, just sat there looking bored waiting for the Rangers to appear. When they did appear we got in line for an autograph and photos with his favorite (at the moment) the White Ranger. We tried to get the same from the Red Power Ranger, but the lines were too long and all the rangers left before he could see the Red one. Next time, we’ll get in the Red Power Ranger’s line first. Pictures of the Disney visit are here.

We had a lot of fun with Mikey and Heather and hope that over the Summer I’ll be home some and we can do it again.

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