My Workout Music List

So, after much pressure from my lovely wife, I finally broke down and went to have my blood tests this past Saturday. You know, the one my physician requested I do in February? One test I was able to get the results of right there in the clinic and…well it wasn’t good.

I’m not sure how much more I can do diet-wise, especially on the road. I DO try to watch what and how much I’m eating. Unfortunately, it seems that it comes back to what my doctor told me from the beginning; exercise.

The results of the test were sobering enough that I immediately went to the hotel “fitness room” (two variable-speed/incline treadmills, a Stairmaster, stationary bike and assorted free weights) and worked out for 45 minutes. I did it again on Sunday, then skipped Monday night and worked out again Tuesday and Wednesday night and last night. I’ve been increasing the incline/speed on the treadmill each day and using heavier weights, though I’ve reached the weight I should be using now for the number of sets/repetitions I’m doing of each exercise. I’m trying to make myself get in the habit of doing this and I think I’m succeeding on that front. Now I just have to worry about what I’ll do when I get home and don’t have the ease of running downstairs to the fitness room to exercise.

Anyway, I loaded some workout music on my mp3 player and thought I would share with you My Workout Music List.

Radar Love by Golden Earring (Concert Version 9:03)
Love Shack by The B-52’s (Techno Remix Version 6:30)
Eye of the Tiger by Survivor (Gotta have that “Rocky” music in there)
Electric Avenue by Eddy Grant (Remix Version)
Talking in your Sleep by The Romantics (Mastermix version)
Rock Me, Amadeus by Falco (Ultimix Version)
Venus by Bananarama (Hellfire Mix version 9:30)
Push It by Salt n Pepa (Killer remix Version)
You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’ by Judas Priest (This was my entrance music during my short-lived wrestling career, lol)

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