Updates: FriendFeed And Twitter

Took some time last night to update the right column information, including the addition of FriendFeed and getting back on Twitter.

FriendFeed is a way to keep updated on different aspects of your friend’s life including blog posts, Twitter feeds, DIGG feeds, FaceBook updates and many other web 2.0 applications. According to FriendFeed, none of my friends are using it, which may mean I’ll be standing out here all by myself, lol. But if you take a look at it and like what it does to keep you up to date on friend’s goings on, then get an account and let me know.

After I got my BlackBerry in December I failed to add Twitter to my smartphone, but that has been remedied now and I’ll use it to make mini-posts when they are not large enough to post here.

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