It looks like I may actually get an entire weekend off! Of course I have laundry, writing, reading, researching and some record-keeping to keep me busy, but at least I can schedule those things as I wish and hopefully get in some relaxation. I really need to go to the exercise room and try and work out some of the kinks in my back and shoulders. That seems to be where all of my stress makes itself at home.

Hopefully I’ll finish reading a book I’m reviewing for Athena either tonight or tomorrow and have the review written by Sunday. It helps that the book is about one of my favorite subjects.

I was supposed to try and make an appointment with a local lab for some blood work requested by my doctor because she was freaking out over my last test results, but that is going to wait for perhaps another week simply because I don’t see the need for such hysterics. I’m still altering my diet in a positive way, walking and, as mentioned above, aside from the tightness in my back and shoulders from stress, feeling pretty darn good. Ok, I AM tired a lot, but that’s due more to mental exhaustion and long working hours than the things the doctor is looking at.

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