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Most writers typically have an editor look over their work before publication unless they are publishing themselves (such as a website, blog or newsletter) in order to spot any errors in grammar such as wording, punctuation, etc. Depending on the length of the piece and the writer’s frequency of using such a service, the cost can range from minimal to a nice chunk of change. If you’re publishing something that people will pay for, the cost is always worth it to insure that, whatever else it may be, your work will NOT be an offense to the grammatical sensibilities of your audience.

But, what if you have just a small article, proposal, letter, resume or even e-mail that you want to be perfect, as far as the grammar goes? If you have at least 24 hours to give before your writing must see the light of day, then Gramlee may be just what you need.

Gramlee is an online service that you can e-mail your writing to for review by a real editor or editors (depending on the length). Within 24 hours Gramlee will return your submission to you correctly edited and ready for you to use as needed. The cost is reasonable (starting at a little under a dollar for 150 words) and the first 100 words are FREE!

Additionally, Gramlee has a nice blog that contains posts about the sometimes vexing rules of grammar, such as the difference between “affect” and “effect” or just exactly how to show possessive nouns that end with the letter “s.”

This will be an interesting site to watch and see how it develops.

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