On Crack

Addictions, if practiced with temperance, can be fun, enjoyable and a learning experience. At least that’s what I keep telling myself as my affection for my Blackberry continues to grow.

I can see why it has garnered the nickname “Crackberry.” I would sooner forget my pants than to forget my sweet 8310. I’ve even tried leaving it in one room while I work in the other, but I can never leave it by itself (or is that leave me by myself?) for very long.

Someone the other day told me they had a Palm Treo and my unspoken thought was “Heh heh, that is SO yesterday.”

I’ve added a 1GB data card and several helpful programs, and bookmarked the majority of web sites I frequent that are “mobile” formatted for ease of viewing on the 2×2 screen. I’m about to add an enhanced photo viewing program, receipt tracking program and the one I’m really curious about; the writing program.

Now, to be sure, there is a small utilitarian text program on my sweetiekins and I have used it for short note taking, but this program would allow me to do more; something I could use to write longer pieces with. The big bottleneck would still be the “thumb” keyboard on my baby, so I may have to also explore getting one of those folding or roll-up keyboards to plug into it so I don’t get major thumb cramps.

I’m also hoping to get a program to integrate my Google Calendar into the appointment program of my love bunny. I think she gets jealous when I fire up the laptop to make calendar entries.

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