Silver Screen In The Spring

After I was sheared on Saturday, I returned to the hotel and walked over to the movie theater to watch “Jumper.” What a disappointment that movie was. As I wrote to my friend Denise, it had so much more potential than what was displayed on the screen. In fact, it was so bad, the best part of the experience was watching the previews for upcoming movies being released in the Spring, especially these three:

Iron Man – May 2nd I’ve been reading the Iron Man comic books since they began being published. Sometimes I’ve loved them, sometimes not so much. But I’ve always thought (ok, almost always thought) the character was a great creation. When I heard that Robert Downey Jr. had been cast as millionaire industrialist Tony Stark, I had high hopes the movie would be all it should be. After seeing the latest trailer in the theater, I believe this will be a great movie. Kudos to the studio for getting the rights to use Black Sabbath’s “Iron Man” music.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull – May 22nd There are a few movie/character theme songs that can truly get my blood racing. The theme from “Superman”, the theme from “Star Wars”, the theme from “Rocky” and, obviously, the theme from Indiana Jones. The trailer for this fourth and latest movie is classic. The character freely acknowledges that it has been almost 20 years since we last saw Indy and things may not be as easy as they used to be. I know the feeling.

The Happening – June 13th If there is a modern-day Alfred Hitchcock, it is M Night Shyamalan. I can honestly say I have enjoyed (even if I was occasionally puzzled by) every one of his films. He is a maestro of crafting a non-violent thriller that sucks you in trying to figure out WHAT is going on. That, apparently, is the entire premise of “The Happening” as people try to figure out what has happened that has cut them off from the rest of the world. My initial thought was, “This is probably similar to “The Mist” in execution” but judging from his past presentations, I have no doubt this will have many more nuances and plot points.

There certainly are other films coming out this Spring and Summer. The new Harry Potter movie, the Incredible Hulk reboot, the new Dark Knight movie and many others. What movie or movies are YOU especially looking forward to seeing?

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