Ego Googling

Yes, I admit it. I occasionally “Google” myself. I have, what I consider to be, a normal ego and a healthy interest in where words about me might appear on the Internet. I also have “Google Alerts” set up to regularly notify me about a number of names and phrases, including the title of this particular blog…The Word Of Jeff. When I first set up the search for that phrase I thought notifications would be pretty much limited to results about (a) this blog page or (b) references elsewhere on the web to this blog page.

That’s not always the case, and sometimes the results are amusing.

Case in point: this result, which is about the death of someone in California named Jeffrey W. The Google search picked up and returned to me a comment made by someone to the post which reads in part, “…we knew at least the word of Jeff‘s untimely passing would get out on this site.” (emphasis mine)

By the way, if you have the time to waste or just enjoy such things, there is a substantial “flame war” going on in the comments to that post. Apparently this Jeffrey W was quite a polarizing figure.

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