Back In Louisiana

I arrived back in Lake Charles this past Saturday. Not much had changed during my absence, except that the Burger King marquee misspelling of “Wopper” was corrected. Maybe the district manager came into town. I do love the new Burger King “freakout” commercials, especially the one where the guy who looks like the subway ghost from the movie “Ghost” is caught on camera saying in a VERY forceful voice, “You get back there and you make me a Whopper!”

Ok, you’re a Whopper.

Sorry, old joke.

I just uploaded the pictures I took last Saturday while Cindy and I were at the Sanford Farmer’s Market. You can click on the Flickr graphic over in the right column to see the rest of them.

Next post: photos from our trip with the grandchildren to Universal Studios and the “Grinchmas” Show.

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