Mayo and Maize

Arrived safely in the town of Rochester, Minnesota, home of the world renowned Mayo Clinic. In fact, my hotel is just a few blocks away from the clinic. I had hoped to take the 2 hour tour of the Mayo facilities while here, but I’ll only have one day off during my stay here and they don’t offer the tour on that day. Of course.

I have been invited by several of my female co-workers to join them on a trip to the Mall of America, and that is very kind of them. The Mall is something I’d actually like to see, experience and photograph, but I’m having trouble working up any excitement for a 90 minute road trip (each way) in a car full of ladies on my only day off. Maybe if I listen to my MP3 player the entire time…

Speaking of photos; I had to go to Minneapolis/St. Paul today for a meeting in the state capital, so I stopped by the site of the tragic bridge collapse that happened on August 1, 2007 and took some pictures. They are available over on the right in the Flickr link. It was sobering to see the spot where 13 people died as a result of the collapse.

Well, I’m beat. My schedule is 11 hours a day and today was a lot of driving, meetings and other work. Tomorrow is more of the same and 5am comes early.

Thanks for reading.

P.S. I’m surrounded, it seems, by corn. And the weird thing is that all the corn stalks are the exact same height. What’s going on out here in the breadbasket of America?

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